[New Spell] Unnatural Selection

Unnatural Selection

‘Why do the ogres keep following us,’ lamented Koram.

Chalk looked over his shoulder and kept running down the wooded trail.

‘I believe it is because Stork has some spell that keeps them from following him,’ replied the sorcerer.

Unnatural Selection (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 20’+5’/level

Duration: Instantaneous.

While simple, this spell is handy as it can override the senses of a dull-witted creature. When cast upon a creature of Semi-Intelligence or lower (4-) that creature will, at any fork in the road or other situation with multiple choices for a direction to go in at a given point, will take the path chosen by the caster, thus blundering off in the wrong direction. Creatures of Low Intelligence (5-7) have a 65% chance of falling for this spell, while those with 8+ intelligence are immune. If cast upon a mounted figure the Int of the rider is considered for the spell’s effects, not the mount itself.

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