[New Magic Item] Gong of Vasiv-Blor

Gong of Vasiv-Blor

Stork sounded the small gong and waited. Moments later four figures appeared. The first three were silent, but their leader looked the sorcerer in the eye and asked what he required.

‘Find the wizard Chalk in this town and report his location to me,’ replied Stork.

The quartet of thieves left, returning two days later.

‘By the docks in a small building, Chalk and his companions make their lair,’ reported the Master Thief.

Stork smiled and nodded as the Master Thief took the gong and the thieves left.

‘Vistis! We are going hunting!, Chalk is down by the river,’ announced Stork.

Grumbling, the masked illusionist prepared his things for a confrontation.

Originally a gift to the Duke of Thieves in the city of Nalaj, the Gong of Vasiv-Blor is a potent, if strange magic item that has changed hands many times over the centuries, never seeming to sit in a treasure hoard for too long.

Benefit: When the silver hammer for this small gong strikes the instrument it summons forth three thieves (level 2) and a Master Thief (level 4) that will do the bidding of the summoner; tasks such as stealing a minor item, scouting, cause a distraction, spying or even banditry. Once the task is complete the Master Thief will take the gong and its hammer and disappear.

Usable by: Anyone.

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