[New Spell] Betentacled


Valance ran to the tower, chased by the wizard Aldwo Boq. Before the priest of the Spider God realized it, the magic-user was upon him, aided by four tentacles that had erupted from Boq’s back moments ago.

Valance paused a moment, admiring the spell.

‘If only those could be spider legs!’ he lamented aloud.

‘You going to pay up?’ Aldwo asked.

Valance nodded and counted out the silvers he owed the spellcaster.

‘Maybe you can ask your deity for spider legs,’ smirked Boq.

‘Hey, maybe I will,’ retorted Valance.

Betentacled (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: Self

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

Cast upon oneself, four tentacles sprout writhing from the back, each tentacle does 1d4+1 damage (and has 1d4+2 hit points) and can grapple on a successful strike. In addition these tentacles aid in locomotion, making the affected caster 10′ faster than normal and able to climb vertical surfaces with 88% proficiency. The sight of one with such weird appendages causes Fear (as the spell) in creatures with 1HD or less).

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One Response to [New Spell] Betentacled

  1. funny (and useful) one…. I suppose the tentacles are magical and don’t rip the caster robe or dress? 🙂

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