[New Spell] Necessary Herring

Necessary Herring

Stork and Vistis the Blue Mage chased after the slippery druid as best they can.

‘We cannot allow him to escape into the trees,’ hissed Stork.

Vistis stopped a moment and cast a spell that illuminated the walls with mesmerizing shapes and bright changing colors that writhed ahead of the two spellcasters.

With a smirk the druid looked over his shoulder and saw the approaching colors. He cast his own spell. A loud scream issued from a second story room just behind Stork and Vistis.

‘We’ve passed him,’ snarled Stork as he spun on his heal.

Minutes later Zorvos the druid slipped quietly into the tall grass just outside of town and then into the comforting trees, outfoxing the sinister spellcasters this time.

Necessary Herring (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 50′

Duration: Instantaneous, effects last one turn (see below).

The Necessary Herring spell helps a druid and his or her companions on the run or when trying not be noticed. Whenever being pursued or suspected of something the Necessary Herring spell will create a distraction of some kind that will throw off pursuers or nosy constables/wardens/bailiffs/etc. A call for help, a loud noise, a piece of physical evidence or other sign will turn the hunt in another direction. While instantaneous, this spell buys the druid and their companion(s) one turn of time to flee or change course. Some say this spell was created to help druids that ventured into towns to find food or committed some petty breaking of the law that they needed to make a quick exit from.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Necessary Herring

  1. Lorathorn says:

    This is awesome. It puts a little bit of dramatic control in the hands of the players. I like it.

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