[New Spell] One-Way Wall

One-Way Wall

Chalk watched as the goblins charged the wall from the safety of a ledge above. Three dropped lifeless to the ground as the little humanoids tried to get at the treasure on the other side of the magically clear wall.

‘This is very amusing,’ he told the others. ‘Definitely a spell I need to acquire.’

‘So we can watch goblins kill themselves?’ Koram asked.

‘Well, that too, but there are many other applications,’ replied the wizard, his mind racing.

Valance shrugged.

‘Yeah, this is fun, don’t we have somewhere else to be?’ asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Okay, okay, I get it, we had better be moving along,’ snapped Chalk. ‘But I still want that spell!’

One-Way Wall (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 40′

Duration: Three turns plus one turn per level of caster.

This spell allows a magic-user to create a crystal clear one way wall up to 1000 square feet, in any shape the caster chooses and may be on a wall/floor or ceiling. In addition to being see through, this spell does not require concentration to maintain and any subsequent creatures of Low intelligence may even charge the wall if they see a creature on the other side that they find to be an adversary. Charging the wall at a full run causes 2d6 damage.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] One-Way Wall

  1. Anubis says:

    There was a one way wall of force in 2nd edition d&d it was 6th level. Somename Barrier with expensive material component.

    • bat says:

      I’m not familiar with 2nd edition outside of a few Planescape books, however I am sure there is an overlap in ideas here and there. I was inspired by this one while watching a police show on tv.

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