[New Magic Item] Maddening Mirror

Maddening Mirror

The Prince of Vlosk gladly accepted the beautiful full length mirror. He suddenly noticed he was more charming and swift than before.

Then the third week his reflection lunged at him. Taken offguard, the Prince of Vlosk was thrown into the mirror as the shapeshifting doppelganger took his place and covered the mirror in a sheet, waiting for the Prince to become a creature like itself.

And thus the kingdom of Vlosk fell rather quickly into obscurity as the doppelganger army grew little by little.

The Maddening Mirror, also known as the Doppelganger Mirror is a cursed item that starts out beneficial and becomes malign over time. Its origins are obscure, and there is obviously more than one of these things plaguing the world, most likely introduced by the Gods of mischief.

Benefit: This tall mirror reflects the owner flawlessly and all others are slightly obscured on its surface. The owner of the item enjoys a +1 to Charisma and Dexterity the first week of ownership, doubling the second week, this attribute boost is in effect whether the owner is in front of the mirror or not. The third week of owner ship the owner of the mirror will notice that their reflection moves independently from time to time, and at the end of the third week the reflection will grapple with the owner, a Str vs Str battle (the reflection has a Str of 14 and a Con of 16) until one or the other is worn out. If the reflection wins it traps the owner in the mirror and escapes as a doppelganger that may then assume any shape it desires. The owner, then trapped within will transform into a doppelganger unless the mirror is broken and that person freed within one week.

Usable by: Anyone.

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