[New Spells] Foes of the Sun

Foes of the Sun

With a flourish, Stork read the scroll aloud, the magic of the parchment swirling around him as he called for all but himself in the radius of the spell to be affected.

Screams and moans could suddenly be heard as the townsfolk under the curse of Stork’s magic could no longer bear the light of the sun.

Valance casually looked down upon the turmoil from the third story room of a nearby inn. He locked eyes with Stork for a moment, and saw the icy grimace on the wizard’s face.

‘What is that ruckus all about?’ Chalk asked the priest of the Spider God.

‘Apparently Stork cast some fiendish spell from a scroll he had.’

Valance raised his arms, palms facing each other about a foot and a half apart.

‘And he missed us by about that much.’

Chalk readied a spell to sling down at Stork while Koram grabbed his crystal sword.

Foes of the Sun (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 100 feet

Duration: Like a curse, this spell will last one year and one day or until dispelled.

A dastardly spell, Foes of the Sun will cause all those within range, chosen by the caster, to be cursed to hating and fearing the sun for the duration of the spell. All affected will try to hide immediately and if forced out are -2 on ALL rolls while in the light of the sun (combat and non-combat) although no real damage is caused, many will feel woozy or ill in sunlight. Clerics of a sun deity struck by this spell get a save at +2 to reject the spell and force it back upon the caster. Many of those affected will seek underground places to live until they can dispel or wait out the spell’s effects. Note: sometimes underground dwelling races cast this spell for just this reason or pay to have it cast so that they may have slaves/food replenished. Creatures with a natural weakness in sunlight are unaffected by this spell (i.e. it doesn’t make things even worse for them in the sun).

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6 Responses to [New Spells] Foes of the Sun

  1. Lorathorn says:

    I would love to see this incorporated into a cursed item, or some item that corrupts an area.

  2. Lorathorn says:

    Indeed. I enjoy many of your posts for that reason!

  3. Anubis says:

    You could at least have it give darkvision if It lasts for a year and a day at 4th level. This could destroy a farming village that didn’t have an extra years worth of food.

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