[New Magic Item] Amulet of Mind for the Mindless

Talisman of Mind for the Mindless

A huge cube of clear jelly oozed along the dungeon hall, bearing down on the wizard Quillbur as he frantically searched his pockets for he was backed up against a dead end and he had an inkling that the mindless ooze would was far from harmless. He had no spell he could think of to thwart the thing.

As Quillbur reached into his last pouch the transparent monster bore down upon him.

‘Begone! Down the hallway with you!’ the wizard shouted as he clutched a strange talisman in his hand and braced for impact with the hungry creature.

Suddenly the thing backed off and slithered back down the narrow corridor. The wizard looked down and saw that the beast’s corrosive fluids had dissolved the tips of his point shoes, revealing his toes.

‘Now that was close,’ he said to himself. ‘If I get out of here, it will be a miracle.’

A magic item created for a Hero going into the lair of an Ooze Lord, this may not be the best protection, but it is better than nothing when dealing with creatures that are mindless. While one cannot use it to attack other creatures, it can be a handy deterrent or steer a nasty slime or zombie into another direction.

Benefit: When confronted by mindless creatures, this talisman allows the bearer to control one creature (1d4 if the owner has an IQ of 12+) for one turn (ten minutes) twice per day. A mindless creature can be undead, an automaton or a slime/ooze/jelly/etc. The amulet does not allow full control of the affected creature, he or she may only steer the thing and may not attack, but may command the thing to do simple commands, such as blocking a door, picking something up, etc.

Note: While this item does not allow it’s owner to command an attack on another, if sent in another direction it makes sense that the mindless creature will naturally attack another unless an automaton, which will merely block or trample.

Usable by: Anyone.

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One Response to [New Magic Item] Amulet of Mind for the Mindless

  1. Lorathorn says:

    I like this a lot! I think I’ll nab it.

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