[New Spell] Feet of the Caterpillar

Feet of the Caterpillar

As the water began to rise in the dungeon Knat cast a spell. Her body began to contort and she grimaced at the odd sensation as her legs morphed into hundreds of smaller legs that allowed her to cling to the walls.

‘I believe there is a switch at the top of the far wall,’ Chalk said.

She scowled at his tone and took her time, the water rose higher, and higher.

‘Okay, okay, please,’ implored the wizard.

‘Oh, absolutely,’ replied the druidess with a coy smile as she pulled on the lever and drained the dungeon room.

Chalk fumbled with the key and freed the duo.

‘Now to find the others,’ he suggested.

Feet of the Caterpillar (Druid)

Level 3

Range: Self or touch

Duration: Three turns (30 minutes)

This obscure druid spell transforms the subject so that he or she has hundreds of tiny caterpillar like legs, these legs slow the speed of the person down to 60′ (20′), however the ability is also granted to climb sheer surfaces of angles up to 90 degrees, although climbing on ceilings is not possible.

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