[New Magic Item] Shadow Dagger

Shadow Dagger

With a fiendish hiss Stork grabbed the dagger from the table and stabbed the wizard Valni in the back. A moment later his excitement turned to frustration as Stork realized that the blade did Valni no damage.

‘And you, such an esteemed wizard in your own right, falling for a magical knife,’ exclaimed Stork’s rival. He then tossed a lightning bolt at his attacker.

As the bolt struck Stork howled in pain and leapt out a nearby window.

An unusual and tricky magic item, many dwarfs have made a small fortune in selling these daggers to customers that like to leave a little surprise around for would-be attackers or impromptu assassins.

Benefit: This magical dagger deals 1d6+1 points of damage, which, while impressive, is not the strongest selling point for one of these magic items-these daggers are always made for an individual who must, at the time of the dagger’s forging, sacrifice 2 hit points permanently which are invested in the item’s creation. After it is forged a Shadow Blade cannot cut the one who invested their hit points into it, the blade will become like a dark smoke and pass harmlessly through the owner. Anyone else will take the 1d6+1 damage, including the one who forged the weapon if he or she did not sacrifice the 2 hit points.

Usable by: Anyone.

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