[New Magic Item] Rod of Infernal Disruption

Rod of Infernal Disruption

The Scholar of Wexos lurked in the shadows, protected by magic, watching the meeting as it took place between the archmage and the greater demon. After he had heard enough he launched himself from the darkness and struck the demon with a silver rod. The creature howled in pain as the archmage fluttered his robes and tried to escape.

The demon growled as its body seemed to flicker. It realized it was being called back to the darkness of the lower realms.

‘I’ll remember your face,’ the creature hissed. ‘And I will be back. If I have to tear empires apart you won’t run from me.’

‘Not for a year and a day at least,’ quipped the spellcaster back as the demon flickered and disappeared.

Thought to have been created a thousand years ago, during the Time of a Hundred Summoners to quell the overabundance of demonic forces running amok, many of these magic items have been destroyed or lost, more than likely by fiendish entities and their followers to keep do-gooders from foiling their plans.

Benefit: The Rod of Infernal Disruption deals 1d4+2 points of damage in combat (1d6+4 against demons and devils) as it is a weapon of silver it also harms lycanthropes and others hurt by silver weapons. In addition to the combat abilities, this magical rod causes any creature of infernal origin to glow a dull red color while within 20′ of the object. An extra-planar evil creature struck by this magical rod must roll a 5 or 6 on 1d6 or be shifted back to their plane of origin for one year and a day.

Usable by: Magic-users and clerics.

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