[New Magic Item] Coat of Constellations

Coat of Constellations

The chief of constables banged on the door of the wizard’s room.

‘Open up! We have a few questions for you. And no spells or trickery or it will be worse for you,’ snarled the upholder of law.

‘Just one moment,’ replied the frazzled mage as he ran around in circles looking for an out. He knew that anti-spell magic had already been cast by clerics to suppress any incantations. He then spied the deep azure robes that were covered in stars.

Something hit the door with a heavy thud, one or two more and the door would give. The wizard quickly donned the robe as the door’s timbers began cracking.

The constable forced his way passed the split door and shouted at the wizard who smiled and clutched one of the robe’s constellations in his hands, with a puff he was gone, finding himself thousands of miles away on a high mountain.

‘Well, at least this is better than where I was, I suppose,’ he said to himself as he began picking his way down towards the small village nearby.

Created by an astronomy minded wizard, the Coat of Constellations are really long dark blue wizard’s robes covered in various star patterns, some recognizable, others not so much…use with caution.

Benefit: A magic-user or illusionist may sacrifice one spell of at least 3rd level spell per day to focus on a constellation embroidered on this long robe and teleport themselves and up to 500 lbs of extra weight. Note that the spellcaster will be teleported within sight of the constellation as it is overhead and not necessarily in the best of places, usually up high on a mountain is where the spell leaves one, which may be better than where they were. Some constellations might not be on the same world, so it is best to have some astronomical knowledge or perhaps find yourself out in the universe somewhere.

Usable by: Magic-users of at least 4th level.

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