[New Spell] Unwitting Patronage

Unwitting Patronage

Valance grimaced as the child asked where they were going.

‘To the place I share with my friends,’ growled the priest of the Spider God.

Moments later they arrived, Valance knocked the code and Koram let them in.

‘Who’s the kid?’ the fighter asked. Chalk looked up from studying spells.

‘Well you see, I was gambling and…’

‘You lost?’ Chalk asked.

‘No, I won, so now I am watching this kid for a few days.’

‘As a punishment for winning? Tough crowd.’

‘You are telling me,’ moped Valance.

Unwitting Patronage (Arcane/Divine)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: One day per level of caster.

Almost a curse, this spell fetters an individual with another living thing for the duration of the spell, which is meant to hinder or slow the target down. The individual that is linked to the target of the spell is often either small or maybe elderly or frail in some way and usually has 2d6 hit points. If the dependent dies while the spell is in effect the ‘patron’ takes 4d6 hit points of damage. And of course it is possible to send the dependent out of one’s way with a handful of coins and hope for the best…

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