[New Monster] Mirrorwalker


The spellcasters watched as the creature cautiously pulled itself through the mirror of their room at the inn.

‘Who sent you?’ Stork asked the expressionless thing.

‘None did,’ hissed the creature in return as it scanned the duo to see if they were a threat.

‘Then why do you come here?’ Vistis the Blue Mage asked.

‘Hunger,’ it replied as it fully entered the room and flexed its claws.

Stork cast a spell that wrapped a burning sticky rope around the beast, it clawed for the safety of the mirror as Vistis threw his staff at the mirror, shattering it. The mirrorwalker howled in agony, tried crawling to the nearby window but fell dead before it made it.

‘Now we need to dispose of this, yeesh, it stinks!’ complained Vistis.

‘And get a new mirror, apparently,’ Stork said.

The masked Vistis shrugged, unworried about that.


No. Enc.: 1 (1d4)

Alignment: Chaotic

Movement: 90’ (30’)

Armor Class: 5

Hit Dice: 5+4

Attacks: 1

Damage: 1d6 (claw or bite)

Save: F6

Morale: 8

Hoard Class: Nil

Among the earthbound daemons the rarest are thought to be the mirrorwalkers, strange creatures that look gaunt and emotionless, with eyes that appear as black holes with just a spark of the malign, long claws and sharp fangs. Mirrorwalkers are usually hungry and love the flesh of humans and demi-humans. The primary mode of travel for these creatures are obviously mirrors, which they can travel through as if walking through a watery portal as long as the mirror is large enough for their human sized bodies. In addition, three times per day these monsters may cause Fear (as the spell).

The best way to injure a mirrorwalker is to attack the mirror it is about to go through. For one round before it touches the mirror, during its movement into the mirror and for one round as it passes through the creature will take 4d6 points of damage if the mirror is struck and broken. It is alleged that there are mirrorwalkers that can also pass through still water in the same way and they take the same damage if ripples are caused on the unmoving waters that these creatures are passing through.

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