[New Spell] Forget Secret

Forget Secret

Chalk strolled quietly into the room, closing the door behind him.

‘How did it go? Did you lose the memory?’ Koram asked.

The wizard looked wistfully out the window.

‘Yeah, it’s done, the spell was cast and whatever I knew I no longer recall,’ he said.

‘It’s for the best, really, it was eating you alive,’ Valance chimed in.

‘That’s not helping,’ Chalk said.

Valance shrugged and went back to playing with his spiders.

Forget Secret (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell allows the target to forget one specific memory about anything. The information is totally erased and cannot be recalled by any magic short of a Limited Wish or Wish spell. While normally voluntary and not resisted, the target may wish to retain the memory and must make a Save versus Spells to resist the spell.

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3 Responses to [New Spell] Forget Secret

  1. Cyrptweaver says:

    I’m guessing that the save is Intelligence based… if so, then I think the spell is very specialised. Honestly, I like the idea of it being a spell that helps people forget things and it can be useful for slipping past guardsmen after committing crimes and such… even trespassing and then fleeing as if nothing happened.

    Honestly, I think it would work as a Illusion spell as a lower level as a temporary mind lapse effect as in the target forgets the information for 1d8 hours or even 1d12 if you use a spell slot that’s 2nd or higher. That might makes it balanced because you could just use this on PC’s and that would be really annoying I think. I mean, one of my friends would just spam this if it was in the game as official content because he’s like that and I can’t do anything to stop him. He always does it… so… I don’t know about balance in that regard because it isn’t insane damage, but it has the chance of misusing it to forget a memory which could range to forgetting the word ‘Cat’ exists to the fact that they speak Elven and as barring people from using something they have from the start. Of course, this is down to the DM, but I think honestly people would argue a good case for it and then boom, the other PC is weaker.

    I think Level 3 is good though I normally don’t play Wizard so not sure. Nevetheless, I like the idea of it and it’s as good as your other work in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

    • Cyrptweaver says:

      Just to clarify:
      By Specialised I mean that there are a few classes that I think would want it more than others. Rogue’s and Ranger’s for example have a high chance of wanting it… as would a Evil character over a good for the whole ‘committing crimes’ thing I mentioned.

  2. bat says:

    Hey, I just throw these things out there, run with them and use them how you like. That said, I do like your suggestions a lot and will use the spell in my game with your ideas in mind.

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