[New Spell] Banish Bug

Banish Bug

From the Creepy Castle on the plane of Limbo the insect god Locustus peered into the Material Plane, sensing some great distress among the Beekeeper’s Guild of Lamphura.

Inwardly frowning the deity began a plot against the offender, the wizard Domnin-Nak, a plot that would torment the spellcaster for many years to come and spur the Beekeeper’s Guild to build a secret temple to Locustus.

Banish Bug (Arcane)

Level 4

Range: 25′ +5’/level

Duration: One day per level of caster.

According to legend, this spell was created by a wizard that was terrified of insects, this spell banishes all natural insects from the area automatically. Monstrous and Large Insect creatures do receive a saving throw, but at -2, while intelligent insect humanoids are -1 on saves to resist this spell. Beyond cleansing an area of insects, a tricky spellcaster can influence the pollination of certain plant life even, with this spell.

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