[New Spell] Limb to Snake

Limb to Snake

Valance gripped his right wrist, which had become a hissing snake.

‘Can I get some help here?’ the priest of the Spider God called out.

Koram rushed up to the cleric and began hacking at the snake with his sword.

‘My hand!’ Valance started screaming.

The snake appeared to take a mortal wound and as the fighter held back the next sword blow Valance realized his hand had become normal again.

‘That is one vicious spell!’ Chalk exclaimed.

.Next time find another volunteer for your spell research,’ grumbled the cleric.

Limb to Snake (Arcane)

Level 6

Range: 20′

Duration: Two turns (see below).

This spell allows the caster to cause 1d4 limbs within range of the spell of himself or others to revert to snakes. These resulting reptiles are under the control of the caster and poisonous. The snakes have 1 HD each and an AC 0f 5, dealing 1d4 points of poison damage (those bit must save versus poison, failing to do so deals an additional 1d4 points of damage). If the snake is killed the limb will revert to normal, unscathed, if the host body of the snake is killed the snake will crawl off, no longer under the control of the caster.

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