[New Spell] Attuned Objects

Attuned Items


‘Okay, boys, I’ve got some griffon eggs to gather, which way are you going, I’ll catch up with you later,’ Knat the druidess said.

‘North, I suppose, to Dresk, perhaps,’ replied Chalk.

‘You suppose?’ asked the druidess. “You don’t know?’

‘Well, we aren’t sure just yet,’ said Koram.

Knat took a piece of parchment from a bag at her side and picked up the book Chalk was reading.

‘Hey!’ the wizard complained.


Knat cast a quick spell, tapping book and paper together.

‘There, now the top of the book’s spine will point to where I am for the duration of the spell and if I roll up this parchment it will point towards the book, don’t lose it!,’ she said.


Attuned Items (Druid)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: One week per level.

The casting druid must tap two items together made of basically the same material (like a book and a wooden staff, for example, or a copper rod and a sword) while invoking this spell and for the duration of the spell the items will point to each other as a lodestone finds true north through any distance as long as the items remain on the same plane of existence.

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