[New Spell] Doubled Curse

Doubled Curse


Vistis the Blue Mage invoked a spell just before Stork attacked the captain of the guard with his arcane knife.

As the blade struck the man staggered back, as if dazed. He looked puzzled instantly as he drew his own sword. Stork struck again. The man’s blade dropped, the look of an idiot now on his face.

‘Let’s be quick!’ urged Vistis, not wanting to see Stork kill a man reduced to such a reduced state of mind.

Stork resisted a moment.

‘Think of his superiors when the spell wears off and he has two knife wounds,’ suggested the illusionist.

Stork grinned his evil grin and the pair hurried into the treasury.


Doubled Curse (Illusionist)

Level 5

Range: 20′ + 5’/level

Duration: One turn per level of caster.

One of the more vicious illusionist spells, for every wound the target takes he or she also takes 1d4 points of Int loss, due to paranoia and fear magically taking over the victim’s mind, regained at the end of the spell, if the cursed one survives.

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