[New Magic Item] Nothing to Covet Amulet

Nothing to Covet Amulet

The thieves swiftly made their way through the crowd, intent on their target as he entered a small shop. They took their places and waited patiently. Several other figures entered the shop as the thieves patiently watched. Moments later their mark left as the robbers poised to pounce.

Suddenly the leader of the bandits raised a hand and scuttled the operation.

‘He must have sold or left the dagger in that shop,’ the leader said. ‘We must figure out a new plan to reclaim our property.’

After picking up the package waiting for him in the magic shop the smuggler Vozan nervously left the magic shop, knowing he was being tracked by a gang of thieves after the dagger he was taking to a buyer in a nearby town. He was putting faith in the small foul looking horn now in his pocket.

The Nothing to Covet Amulet appears as a tiny curled horn and it is, in fact, the horn of an imp sheared off in combat centuries ago. Rumors persist that this imp has been elevated up the ranks to that of a major devil over the ages and a little residual magic connects the arch-devil and his missing horn across the planes and that powers this strange yet handy amulet.

Benefit: When carried this magical amulet discourages theft from the bearer, either in person when out and about or in his or her domicile when at home. Anyone planning on stealing from the one carrying this amulet must make a Wisdom attribute check on a d20 to be able to steal from the subject, a failed roll means that the would be thief no longer believes that their target has anything of value or any particular object that is believed to be in their possession.

In the case of the target being followed by multiple thieves the Wisdom of the highest and the subsequent roll determines whether they believe their target has something of value or not.

Usable by: Anyone, very common with merchants and smugglers

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