[New Spell] Prickling Wind

Prickling Wind


Knat quietly sang her spell, keeping a wary eye on the deep shadows in the trees before her.

A few moments later a growl was heard, then the irritated bugbear bandit revealed himself.

‘Why are you following me?’ asked the druidess.

‘Why do bandits follow people through the woods? Especially hungry bugbears?’ replied the bandit.

Another spell, quickly cast, had strong limbs and vines holding the humanoid tight.

‘I’ll be long gone before those bindings release you,’ quipped Knat.

The bugbear grumbled in defiance, but could do little else.


Prickling Wind (Druid)

Level 3

Range: 120′

Duration: One round per level.

When cast Prickling Wind causes a strong breeze to start up, a chill breeze with cockles and burrs in it that will find any enemies of the caster by constantly stinging and irritating them until they reveal themselves (this may require a Constitution attribute roll to try to ignore the minor pain). No real damage is done except for minor scratches and pricking of the skin, although this distraction will cause all ‘to Hit’ rolls to be at -1 for two rounds. Non-living creatures are immune to this spell.

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