[New Spell] Altered Reflection

Altered Reflection


‘You aren’t a werewolf,’ Chalk said to Valance.

The priest of the Spider God pointed at the basin of water.

‘In there I am,’ he said with a wavering voice.

‘It’s in your head…’

‘The scratch I got in the bar fight at Azklak, that could have…’

‘No, it has to be a bite, remember?’ countered Chalk.

‘I’m still not going out until the moon goes down,’ Valance said defiantly.

‘Suit yourself,’ Koram chipped in, ‘we are going out to get some air.’


Altered Reflection (Illusionist)

Level 2

Range: 30′

Duration: One hour per level.

This spell allows the caster to cause a subject who has failed a Save vs Spells at -1 to see what the illusionist wishes that target to see in any reflective surface (mirror, calm water, highly polished surface, etc). This can take the place of the subject themselves being altered or the target sees things in the reflection that are not there, the trauma of this reflective revelation causes all rolls to be -1 for the duration of the spell. Convincing other that you are really an orc or are surrounded by vicious demons may seem harder than one first thinks.

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