[New Spell] Spiritbinder



‘Who breaks a seal on an ancient temple without investigating it?’ the young constable asked.

‘I don’t know, but we can’t keep all the things at bay, run faster!’ the cleric yelled in reply as he turned and cast a spell.

Suddenly all but one of the spectral creatures froze in place. A quick word while holding out a holy symbol caused the one free spirit to shriek in pain and flee the area.


Spiritbinder (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: 60′ +5’/level

Duration: 1d4 turns..

This spell is considered a fast fix in a combat situation. The casting cleric may pin any non-corporeal undead to a location for the duration of the spell. Each individual creature will get a save versus spells at -2, failing that each non-corporeal creature is temporarily bound to the spot they are in, unable to advance or retreat, but able to make other actions.

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