[New Magic item] Serene Robe

Serene Robe

‘This is so wrong,’ lamented Koram as he gripped the pommel of his crystal sword.

‘I agree, and I am wearing the thing,’ said Valance.

‘We need to get through this place without being diced,’ Chalk snarled. ‘You two just need to deal with it.’

The adventurers worked their way through the crowd of thugs and murderers and found their recently acquired thief.

‘How’d you find me? And how are you not dead?’ he asked.

‘Don’t ask,’ replied Valance.

‘It is a robe, on loan, from the priestess of charity,’ Chalk offered.

‘And I’ll be answering for it later,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘Don’t you dare leave any spiders in it for her, either!’

‘I wouldn’t think of it,’ muttered Valance. Foiled again.

The Serene Robe, or Robe of Calm, is a rare artifact created years ago to be secretly used at talks between two warring factions and this remarkable garment has been used for centuries for just this purpose, as well as being used to quell other arguments and to discourage fighting (although the Great Firestorm Fiasco proved that this magic is not infallible).

Benefit: All within 40′ of the wearer of the robe must make a save versus magic roll at -1 to be able to attack others and are -2 on all damage rolls due to the peaceful emanations from this magical artifact.

However, this magic is not perfect and each major conflict involving ten or more combatants causes the DM/GM to roll a 1d4, on a result of ‘4’ the opposite of what is intended happens and battle is inevitable, all combatants do an extra 2 points of damage each time they strike.

Usable by: Anyone, very common with clerics and mages.

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