[New Magic Item] Floating Yurt

Floating Yurt

‘How much did you pay for this thing?’ Valance asked.

‘I didn’t,’ Navnen said proudly.

‘How fast does it move?’ Chalk inquired, looking at the canvas tent that float a yard off the ground.

‘Not really very, but we can float over water,’ the thief answered.

Koram came running into the clearing, almost out of breath.

‘There are some men from the city looking for….that,’ he said, indicating the yurt.

‘Let’s load up and head for the river and see how fast we can float out of this one!’ Chalk said, rallying the others.

‘This doesn’t sound overly promising,’ murmured the priest of the Spider God.

First attributed to a gnome village that was subjected to flooding (until they decided to just move) the Floating Yurt is a roomy living area, dry inside, that floats roughly three feet off of the ground (or any surface, including water). Seemingly perfect, strong winds over 25 miles per hour can blow these hovering houses off course, so ropes and anchors are often kept handy in such an event.

Benefit: A warm, dry living habitat that can house up to six human sized people quite comfortably, the Floating Yurt is an expensive (around 8,000 gold pieces each) floating tent. Hovering 3 feet off of the any surface a Floating Yurt can be steered and kept on a course, slowly moving no faster than 10 miles per hour, although winds stronger than 25 miles per hour will cause the floating tent to veer off course, winds over 60 miles per hour can lift the Floating Yurt up to 100 feet off of the ground, so ropes and anchors are advised in windy conditions.

Usable by: Anyone.

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  1. Anubis says:

    10mph is huge compared to horses possibly getting 50 miles a day. Appalachian trail hikers top out at 20 miles per day. This could cover 80 miles in 8 hours or 240 with the party taking turns.

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