[New Magic Item] Crossbow of Koboldism

Crossbow of Koboldism

The scrawny humanoid creature scurried into the room. Koram drew a blade, but Chalk raised a hand for the fighter to hold off.

‘He may be a messenger of some kind,’ the wizard said.

‘I am Navnen the thief!’ squeaked the kobold.

‘A likely story,’ laughed Koram. ‘Where’s Valance then?’

The door opened and another kobold walked in.

‘You aren’t going to believe this….’ it began.

Perhaps a n item created by the Gods of Mischief, this magic weapon certainly is annoying to be on the wrong end of.

Benefit: This magical crossbow transforms anyone struck by a bolt to be transformed into a 2HD kobold fighter. Anyone who fails their save vs Magic at -1 will permanently become a kobold until a Remove Curse spell is used.

Usable by: Anyone who can use a crossbow.

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