[New Spell] Rest in Pieces

Rest in Pieces


Navnen stood watching the skeletons as they crawled and ambled towards the party.

‘If only all enemies were like this,’ he said as he casually kicked the skull of a crawling skeleton warrior.

‘They won’t all be like this, there must have been some curse on this graveyard and our opponent didn’t realize it,’ commented Chalk.

‘Every dog has his day, even us,’ Valance quipped as he playfully tried to walk from the back of one struggling and crawling skeleton to another.


Rest in Pieces (Arcane/Divine)

Level 4/3

Range: 120′ radius + 5’/level

Duration: Permanent unless reversed.

This spell mixes and disburses bones within the radius of the spell. The result makes any attempt to raise dead within this area to force the necromancer to make a save versus spells roll to force the scattered bones to find their way back to the owner. A failed roll will reduce the amount of summoned undead by half and further reduce the HD, damage and movement of individual undead by half as the skeletons are not complete and amble and crawl along. This spell is sometimes cast to scatter the relic bones of saints and great clerics too by mischievous necromancers.

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