[New Magic Item] Jerkin of Mispells

Jerkin of Mispells

‘Navnen, that is a pretty sharp looking jerkin you’ve got there,’ Chalk commented.

Before the thief could reply the wizard cast a spell at him.

Suddenly Valance began to slowly rise to the ceiling, struggling and complaining all the way.

‘Just as I suspected, quite magical too,’ said Chalk.

‘Can someone get me down? This is ridiculous,’ complained the priest of the Spider God.

This rather simple looking cloth jerkin holds far more magic than the eye can see and is highly prized and sought after. It’s origins are unknown, but some say that crafty merchants had this magic item commissioned to in case their rivals hired magic wielding thugs to rough them up.

Benefit: A magical jerkin which allows the wearer to roll 1d6 any time a spell is cast at the wearer. A result of 1-2 means that the spell is cast as planned, 3-4 allows the wearer to deflect the spell at another target within range while a 5-6 absorbs the spell and the owner of the jerkin can cast a spell up to one level lower than the spell cast at them within 24 hours (a 1st level spell can be swapped out for another in this case). The magic is not effective if any armor heavier than cloth is worn over it.

Usable by: Anyone.

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2 Responses to [New Magic Item] Jerkin of Mispells

  1. I like this one too, powerful yet fun 🙂

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