[New Spell] Struck Dumb

Struck Dumb


Chalk took the dagger to the ribs with a cry of pain. The sorcerer reeled then the spell he cast fizzled. For several days he had trouble with his magic, on the fourth day it cleared up and his mind was fresh and alert again.

‘I’m glad that is over,’ he exclaimed.

Valance pouted.

‘I was just getting used to you dumbed down,’ the cleric lamented.

‘Who is going to fall for all of your gambling scams now?’ laughed Koram.

‘Other than you?’ the priest of the Spider God quipped as the fighter grew tight lipped.


Struck Dumb (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Effects last one day per level of caster.

The caster of this spell must touch a particular weapon which transfers the spell into the weapon. The next strike that weapon does causes the target to save versus spells at -1 or lose 1d6 points of INT for the spell’s duration, which is one day per level of caster. This does effect the number of spells a spellcaster can cast as well as any rolls that are Intelligence based.

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