[New Magic Item] Hunter’s Cloak

Hunter’s Cloak

The sorcerer Stork whirled around in his greyish-green cloak, oblivious to his orc and goblin servants as they hurried out of his way.

‘They went South!’ he exclaimed as he glared down the southward trail.

‘Where did you get that cloak, it seems familiar,’ inquired Vistis the Blue Mage.

‘I got it off an elf gladewarden a few days back,’ answered Stork.

‘It cost a lot?’

‘An elf’s life.’

Both villains snickered.

Made for a secret guild of rangers and wardens by a group of druids and mages, these magical items are hard to find and very few owners are willing to part with them.

Benefit: This simple magical cloak (AC +/-2) gives the wearer the ability to track one particular subject with some skill-the target can be anything living or undead and the base chance to find this subject is 45% +1%/per level. If the character is a ranger then the base chance is 65%. After three failed attempts no more tracking can be attempted that day.

Usable by: Anyone.

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