[New Spell] Murky Origins

Murky Origins


The wizard Chalk screwed up his face in disbelief.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Navnen.

‘Probably nothing,’ replied Chalk. ‘It’s just that I could swear I know that fellow over there in the deep green robes, he was a wizard in my order, I just know it is him.’

‘Then maybe it is,’ the thief replied with a shrug.

‘Impossible, everyone hated him,’ Chalk said.

Valance looked up from the bit of parchment he was reading.

‘Probably had a spell cast for him to take his past away, it works most of the time,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘How would you know?’ asked Chalk.

Valance grinned widely.

‘I should have known…’


Murky Origins (Illusionist)

Level 3

Range: Touch or Self

Duration: Permanent unless dispelled on subject.

A rather obscure illusionist spell, Murky Origins takes away negative history in the subject of the spell’s past and enhances positives (or vice versa in more amoral societies). This boosts the subject’s Charisma permanently by one point unless the spell is dispelled by the suspicious. Obviously this spell works more locally (unless the target of the spell is well known throughout the land), but also helps dispel rumors by those who dig in the dirt for mud on people.

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3 Responses to [New Spell] Murky Origins

  1. I am not sure to understand how this spell works, or I cannot understand how Chalk understand something is wrong

    • bat says:

      As a rival he was suspicious, I would in game give this a quick Wisdom roll to overcome the spell. I’m sorry if I didn’t translate this spell from my mind correctly, I sometimes fear my vision is not always transferred from brain through my fingers the way I mean it.

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