[New Spell] The Relentless Army

The Relentless Army


Koram flung the kobolds off of himself, they were not stopping, not cowering, just advancing like little zombies, all trying to attack.

‘How many of these things are there?’ the fighter lamented.

‘Duck!’ Chalk shouted.

The fighter hit the ground as a spell flew over his head that momentarily froze the emotionless army.

‘Get out of there!’ the wizard urged.

The adventurers fled, shaken by the madness.

‘We have taken out dozens of those things, what is up with these varmints?’ Valance asked.

‘Some foul sorcery,’ replied Chalk.


The Relentless Army (Arcane)

Level 7

Range: Touch

Duration: One hour per level of caster.

This spell takes one creature of 1HD or less, typically a kobold, goblin or similar being, gives the creature 2HD and creates 2d20 exact copies of the creature, all acting like automatons, working towards a single purpose. These creatures can be used to construct a building, bridge, etc or to act as a personal bodyguard or even a distraction. In combat these creatures have a moral of 12 and a +1 to hit due to their inability to be shaken. As the spell ends if just one of the creatures remain they will become the original creature and their personality and normal hopes and fears will return.

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