[New Spell] Clear Path

Clear Path


‘Okay boys, here’s the map,’ Knat said as Chalk and the others gathered around.

The druidess whispered a few words and a faint line began to appear on the map before her.

‘And you say this is the safest way to get to the ruins in Algrem?’ Valance asked.

‘You are doubting me?’ she asked.

‘I am saying that the road looks clear to me,’ he said.

‘Clear of bandits or tax collectors?’ she inquired.

‘Good point,’ mumbled the priest of the Spider God.


Clear Path (Druid)

Level 2

Range: 5′

Duration: Instantaneous.

A map of an area is required to cast this spell for when it is cast upon a map a faint line will come into view, from where the caster currently is (or the nearest point/direction if he or she is not located on the map) to a particular destination. This will be the clearest and safest path at the time, which may not coincide with normal roads and byways as there are possible events that have happened to make going into the wild safer and easier than what one may think by simply looking at the map, which does not reflect current happenings. Due to the oddities of magic, the casting of this spell will increase the chances of wandering monsters by 25% each roll. There are no safe bets in the world.

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