[New Magic Item] Marbles of Missteps

Marbles of Missteps

The ogre rolled passed Valance before he could react, the monster reached out at the priest of the Spider God but missed and was whisked around a corner. The creature almost looked sympathetic as it rolled out of sight.

‘What now?’ he asked.

‘Just trying out a new magic item,’ Navnen replied.

‘Carry on then, just keep the ogres out of my business,’ Valance said.

Made by the tricky Nillessin, Goddess of Thieves and Mischief, this magic item is less about harm and more about causing mischief. Any rogue worth his or her salt has used these and the marbles may be used by the owner to escape just as easily as they foil someone else.

Benefit: With the utterance of a command word the bearer of these two dozen magical marbles can command the small glass globes to roll anywhere for one turn (ten minutes) three times per day. These arcane marbles will bear the weight of up to an ogre and can move up to eight goblins. To try to escape the movement of this magic item one must roll under their Dex on 1d20 with a -1 modifier. Success mean that the target can leap free of the marbles, failure means that the subject(s) are moved at 120′ (40′) in the direction desired by the owner of the marbles. The marbles cannot be commanded to roll into a situation that will cause immediate death for the subject and upon uttering the command word again these odd marbles will return to their owner.

Usable by: Anyone.

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