[New Magic Item] Jar of Ugly

Jar of Ugly

The secret knock was heard by all then the door opened to the adventurer’s hideout. A grotesque looking man walking in, eyes misshapen, frog-like mouth, warty. He hailed the group.

Chalk fell back in his chair and prepared a spell, Valance started calling spiders as Koram drew a dagger.

The hideous figure raised both hands and hurried over to the basin of water, he vigorously washed his face, revealing Navnen.

Chalk smirked as he recalled his spell and it fizzled.

‘Drat, that was a new spell I wanted to try out, too!’

‘You may get your chance yet. Some of the other guild members and I found this horrid looking jar that allows us to make faces for ourselves like the one I had and then we…’

‘Broke into somewhere you shouldn’t have and stole things from the wrong people?’ Valance chimed in.

‘Something along those lines,’ the thief confessed.

‘I’ll keep the spell handy,’ Chalk said.

Thought to be an accidental creation by a wizardly sculptor, the Jar of Ugly is highly prized by thieves who don’t mind looking hideous for a quick getaway, or at least to throw off pursuers.

Benefit: To use this jar one simply reaches their hand inside, pulls out some of the arcane muck and smears it on his or her face. Within minutes the person is transformed into a hideous caricature, totally unrecognizable, and detectable only via magical means with a -2 modifier on any rolls. Even creatures that track by scent are confused by this magical disguise and are -2 on any tracking rolls that lead to the person wearing this magical mask. The Charisma for those using a jar of ugly is 4.The mask will stay for one day or until the user decides to wash it off.

Usable by: Anyone, handy for bandits and thieves.

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