[New Spell] One Thing Into Another

One Thing Into Another


‘But how did he get the amulet inside the bottle?’ Navnen asked.

‘Magic,’ Chalk replied. ‘An interesting spell I wish I had, actually.’

‘He didn’t look like a wizard,’ the thief said.

‘Exactly!’ replied the sorcerer. ‘That’s the charm of the stunt, he looked like a turnip farmer.’

Naven smirked, convinced greater things were at work.


One Thing Into Another (Arcane)

Level 2

Range: Touch

Duration: Instantaneous.

This very simple spell allows the mage to take two solid objects of non living material and put one inside the other or to join two objects like the links of a chain. This can be used to put a coin inside a bottle, for example or link two rings together. Reversible.

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