[New Spell] Interplanetary Trip

Interplanetary Trip


‘And you saw talking fungus there?’ Koram asked dubiously.

‘Yes! Yes! Walking and talking,’ said Chalk.

‘I think we’d better keep you away from the mage’s guild for a while, you are starting to crack,’ Valance commented.

‘I am telling you, we went to another planet and it was amazing and weird,’ pouted Chalk.

‘Learn the spell then take us,’ challenged the fighter. ‘These fungus sound delicious.’


Interplanetary Trip (Arcane)

Level 8

Range: Special, see below.

Duration: Thirty minutes plus ten minutes (one turn) per level of caster.

This spell allows the caster and up to five other individuals plus 500 extra pounds of gear to travel to a planet that is known somehow to the casting wizard. The planet might be seen on a map of the galaxy or universe or read about in a book, but it must be known. The spell provides breathable air and an atmosphere that allows the travelers to move around for the duration of the spell. As the spell elapses anyone may elect to stay, however the magical safeguards will no longer be in place. If the caster dies all travelers are instantly stranded and breathable air is no longer provided.

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