[New Magic Item] Knockback Shield

Knockback Shield

Koram stood up and shook the cobwebs loose from his head.

‘I want that shield,’ the fighter said.

His opponent smirked behind his helmet.

‘Many have desired to take this shield from me, and I still bear it,’ he replied.

Suddenly the knight began screaming, dropping both ax and shield.

‘I bet they didn’t have friends that worshiped the Spider God,’ Koram quipped as he picked up the shield.

In th background Valance grinned an evil grin.

Made for a less than capable knight by order of a brooding king to a questionable wizard, the Knockback Shield provides a nasty surprise to those attacking it’s bearer.

Benefit: This magical shield allows the bearer to use it twice per turn (ten minutes) to bash a target who must immediately save vs Magic/Spells or be knocked back 3 feet and take 1d4 points of electrical damage. Large sized opponents are only knocked back 2 feet on a successful hit and creatures larger than that only take electrical damage.

Usable by: Anyone that can bear a shield.

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