[New Magic Item] Dagger of the Djinn

Dagger of the Djinn

Chalk caught up with Navnen as the thief raced down the street.

‘What’s the hurry?’ the sorcerer asked.

‘I’ve been robbed. I won a dagger in a gambling match and was accused of cheating and it was stolen from me,’ replied the thief.

The two raced along until they came to a familiar dead end.

Cautiously the duo advanced. They saw a shadowy opening cut into the wall, one of the thugs waved just before the strange portal closed.

‘Weren’t you holding our rent money too?’ Chalk asked.

‘Yeah, about that…’

An artifact from time out of mind, the Dagger of the Djinn is a major magic item that once belonged to a great prince of the djinn who was defeated in an attack by a rival efreeti warband, the dagger itself falling into the hands of the mercenaries helping the diabolical efreeti. Over the centuries this magical dagger has passed from one hand to another, not staying in any one place for long. Any djinn or efreet that sees this magical dagger will try to reclaim it.

Benefit: Once per day the Dagger of the Djinn may be used to cut a portal into solid material, this portal will extend ten feet in the desired direction and the wielder of the blade an up to six others can follow through this portal to the other end. If the surface cut into is deeper than 10′ the dagger will create a tube-like cave in the material that will last for one hour and can be used as a temporary shelter.

Usable by: Anyone.

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