[New Magic Item] Pearls of Permanence

Pearls of Permanence

The trio of goblins worried over the odd treasure from their dead wizard master.

‘You eat one,’ the wizard told the warrior.

Reluctantly the fighter ate one of the strange pearls.

‘It’s sweet!’ he complained.

‘Enlarge!’ the wizard shrieked as he cast a spell at the fighter.

Before their eyes the goblin doubled in height and bulk.

‘Now we wait. If spell sticks I cast two more and we become scarier,’ replied the wizard.

This magic item is made by a deity- Shanduril, the goddess of the Ebb and Flow of Tides. It is said that her servants gather pearls and enchant them in groups of three under the light of a full moon. These magical pearls become edible and are thought to be sweet, the magic is rare and highly coveted, used overtly in some cases and slyly in others.

Benefit: When eaten the next affect spell (Enlarge, Curse, Charm, etc, magical effect spells like Fireball will not be permanent) cast upon a person within three hours will become permanent, dispelled only by a wish or by eating another of these pearls and having a counter spell cast upon the one who ate the enchanted pearl. Commonly found in numbers of 1-3.

Usable by: Anyone.

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