[New Spell] Alter Light Source

Alter Light Source


‘The peasants will never see us coming with these torches,’ the dwarf mumbled to the elf.

‘Quite true, yet we can already see them sniveling in their hovels,’ replied the elf in a quiet tone. “For a few extra coins we could make some strange noises and shake them down, there seems to be a good three dozen of them here.’

‘And their coin spends like any other. I’ll find some chains to rattle,’ said the dwarf.


Alter Light Source (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Touch.

Duration: Permanent, but reversible.

Favored among goblins, orcs, kobolds and even elves and dwarves, this spell allows a magical darkness to emanate from candles, torches, lanterns, etc and enhance darkvision, increasing darkvision another 20′ by candlelight, 60′ by torchlight and 100′ by lantern in addition to what the creature naturally has. The light source must be enchanted before being used and until reversed only gives off a magical darkness.

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