[New Spell] After My Fall

After My Fall


‘Who could have poisoned the king?’ asked the prince.

Moments later a ghastly apparition appeared and pointed at the prince.

‘You! You poisoned me with your own hand!’ the ghost of the king shrieked then faded.

‘Guards, seize him!’ called the man-at-arms.

‘Who could have cast that dastardly spell?’ whimpered the prince.

The vizier grinned widely, seeing justice had been done.

‘And now for this empty throne…’ he said to himself.


After My Fall (Cleric)

Level 3

Range: Touch or Self.

Duration: Permanent.

A highly sought after spell among nobles, paranoids and those that have been threatened, After My Fall sends the spirit of the person subject to this spell to notify one person of how he or she met their demise before going off to the spirit world. This spell is not easy to dispel, save for a Limited Wish or Wish spell, so it is a healthy deterrent to many assassins.

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