[New Spell] Summon Lycanthrope

Summon Lycanthrope


‘And why should I pay a ransom to a beggar,’ scoffed the merchant. ‘What threat can you offer that would make me turn over good coin?’

The wizened old man smiled the sort of villainous smile that makes a shiver crawl up your spine.

The beggar took his walking stick and mumbled while scrawling in the dust, his writing barely visible in the approaching dusk.

Moments later a shuffling could be heard in the nearby trees, a trio of short, hunched ruffians appeared.

At first the merchant snorted, then he saw them slowly gaining rat-like features as they sneered and tittered among themselves.

The fat merchant’s mouth dropped open woodenly.

‘Th-th-that would get you my coins,’ he whined helplessly.


Summon Lycanthrope (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Special.

Duration: Instantaneous.

This spell summons 1d3 lycanthropes of similar alignment to the caster’s side. These creatures will assist in any task that isn’t a suicide mission and will sometimes stay on as bodyguards for a time if the situation is mutually beneficial.

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