[New Spell] Big Bog

Big Bog


Valance groaned as he slogged through the thick mud.

‘This is miserable,’ he said.

‘And it is the quickest path unless we want to climb those steep rocks on either side of the path,’ lamented Chalk.

Koram looked into the distance.

‘We are almost to the edge. Almost.’

‘You should have shanked that gnoll druid in Havenge, Navnen,’ the priest of the Spider God said.

‘I tried,’ the thief said as he winced at his leaking boot,’that furry devil was too wily.’


Big Bog (Druid)

Level 6

Range: Affects a 300’x300′ per level area.

Duration: One day per level of caster.

When cast the druid raises the ground water from deep underground to create a swampy bog that will sink a human sized person ankle deep in sludge, slowing all movement to one quarter normal movement rate. This spell is reversible, sinking water to deep underground and creating a dry, arid patch of land with normal movement. After the spell’s duration elapses the area reverts to normal.

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2 Responses to [New Spell] Big Bog

  1. Anubis says:

    Being druidic would plants be damaged by the overwatering? At 20th level this would be 6000×300 feet being slightly over a mile of reduced movement. At 12th level the spell could cover an area around the size of a 586′ radius or a 1172′ wide circle.

    • bat says:

      This is an excellent question. Normally I would just ‘magic evens out’ this in my game and life would slowly adjust to the new environment, however you are free to make this more drastic to the current living creatures there, because, like a raging firestorm, Nature can be brutal as well.

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