[New Spell] Gather Magi

Gather Magi


Chalk looked up from his studying old magical texts and frowned.

‘What’s up?’ Valance asked.

‘Someone cast a spell that calls wizards to them. And the spell is vague, so I don’t know if I will learn something new or get into a duel or what,’ the sorcerer replied.

‘Oh, I remember the last time that happened,’ said the priest of the Spider God.

‘Exactly, and we were exiled from Knotlock for that, but still, I might learn new spells…’

Valance scurried the spiders he was idly playing with into his robe.

‘Navnen, Koram, get ready to travel, some wizard cast that one spell again!’


Gather Magi (Arcane)

Level 5

Range: Five miles +2 miles/level.

Duration: Instantaneous, call emanates for one day.

This spell is cast for many reasons; as a distress call, as a rallying cry, as a way of exchanging knowledge or even as a way to proclaim dominance over others. When cast this spell sends out a subtle mental tug, calling all magic-users within the radius of the spell to the spot where the caster is. There is no compulsion to answer the call other than curiosity or the possibility of exchanging spells with other casters.

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