[New Deity] Nishosh


‘Who got those peasants riled?’ Chalk asked.

‘I don’t know, but they are sure a surly lot all of a sudden,’ replied Koram.

‘Perhaps some spiders will cool their ire,’ suggested Valance.

‘No, let’s not make this any worse. Something is among them, agitating them, and for some reason they think we are upper class individuals,’ said Chalk.

The adventurers all laughed at the thought.


Lesser Deity

Nishosh, “The Prince of Rabble”, “The Great Agitator”
Alignment: Neutral
Spheres of Influence: Peasants, the homeless, outcasts, etc.
Symbol: A crossed torch and pitchfork
Typical Worshipers: The Lower classes and outcasts.

Hit points (if you need them): 175

Nishosh is a very busy god, always off on some mission, championing a village or hamlet here or there. Using his changeling like abilities Nishosh travels far and wide to inspire, arm and assist the oppressed of the lower classes of any society, human, elf, dwarf, halfling or gnome. As the Great Agitator Nishosh sparks revolutions and overthrows tyrants, while in other cases he aids peasants into standing up for themselves for simpler things, like fair prices in markets.

Abilities: Can use any six Cleric spells up to three times per day as a 10th level cleric. Nishosh also has an unlimited Polymorph Self ability and a Charm ability that will affect up to 200 individuals of 0-1st level, they will be inspired and gain +2 to their Intelligence and Strength as well as one extra 1d4 hit points, this effect lasts for three days. Nishosh fights as a 12th level Fighter, usually with a +4 short sword and bearing a torch that catches anything on fire that the deity wishes, even inflammable material.

Awe: Unless revealed as a deity Nishosh does not radiate Awe, if he is found to be a deity then he has a +2 save versus all magic used against him.

Honor Guard: Nishosh travels alone from place to place, but easily gathers an army of up to 200 individuals from the places he travels to so that he may empower the peasants he encounters.

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