[New Magic Item] Silver Serpent

Silver Serpent

Koram swung the improvised weapon and smashed the head of the metal snake as it silently slid for a hole in the corner of the room.

‘Get it!’ the fighter shouted.

Chalk cast a spell and the wood under the thing became mushy and slowed the thing down. As it started to sink into the muck the sorcerer dispelled his magic, trapping the creature partially in solid wood where it writhed frantically to get out.

Koram stepped forward and stomped on the head of the thing until it finally stopped moving.

‘This is quite a way to start our day already,’ the sorcerer commented.

Moments later Valance returned to the room of the inn.

‘They are out of jam,’ he lamented as he set down the breakfast tray. He looked around and saw the broken metal snake on the floor.

‘Have you guys been playing while I was gone?’

Koram grunted.

A magical construct related to the Iron Cobra, this smaller mechanical snake is also known as the “Assassin’s Familiar” for obvious reason. A very handy magic item to have, just don’t let it tarnish!

Benefit: The Silver Serpent is a magical golem-like construct that will obey the simple commands of its owner and may be used for a variety of tasks; it can be used as a set of manacles or other restrictive device (Str 17), it can be used as a zipline handle that will return for another passenger, it can retrieve small items and record up to five minutes of a conversation, or a Silver Serpent can be used to strangle a target (victim must make a Strength vs Strength roll against an Str of 16, lowest wins or a Dex attribute roll at -2 to escape the killing construct). But the owner must keep this magic item from tarnishing or it will turn on its owner. (Must be maintained once a month).

Silver Serpent: HD 3; AC 4 [16]; Atk 1bite(1d4); Move 8; Save 14; AL N; CL/XP 4/90; Special: Strangle.

Usable by: Anyone.

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