[New Magic Item] Stone Jar Talisman

Stone Jar Talisman

The dwarf was sweating profusely as Valance grumbled.

‘You’ve got the money, runt, I suggest finding it before I find more spiders.’

The dwarf looked nervously around for an exit.

Valance began speaking in a strange language. Spiders coursed out from under the sleeves of his robes.

‘Okay, okay!’ the dwarf whimpered. He got up from the stool and walked over to a stone set in the wall. He retrieved a charm on his necklace from within his tunic and tapped it on the stone. Suddenly a hole opened and the dwarf stuck his hand in it and pulled out a handful of coins.

‘And I almost believed you,’ spat Valance.

Of unknown origin, this handy talisman has saved many an empire and lost a few too. Highly coveted, these go for a lot of gold in the right market.

Benefit: This small talisman attunes itself to the owner within one day of possession. By touching the talisman to a stone the owner can make a small opening in said rock, from space that will hold a few coins for smaller rocks to a one foot cubed area at its largest capacity. There is no way of getting at the contents of the stone except to use the talisman or to break the rock. One talisman can control any number of rocks.

Usable by: Anyone.

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