[New Magic Item] Druid’s Wildwood Wand

Druid’s Wildwood Wand

Valance jogged up from the southern trail.

‘More wargs, big ones,’ he reported.

‘This looks grim,’ Chalk said.

‘Do you boys trust me?’ the druidess, Knat, asked.

‘You haven’t given us a reason not to so far,’ Chalk commented.

‘Good,’ Knat said.

Before they knew it the three adventurers, for Koram was nearby, scanning the forest, were shrunk down and scooped up by the druidess, then dropped into a pouch at her side.

‘This wand will get us all out of here, I hope,’ she said as she ran towards a tree moments before the large evil wolves broke into the clearing.

The druidess melted into a large oak as the iron strong jaws of wargs snapped behind her.

Created by archdruids in sacred groves for only the most important druids in a grove and usually only for special missions, these magic wands are revered by druids and only selfish or evil druids wouldn’t make an attempt to return such a wondrous item to its grove of origin.

Benefit: In addition to holding three extra spells for a druid this magic wand also allows a druid to magically enter any tree big enough to hold him or her and exit through any tree also big enough to contain him or her up to 100′ away per level of the druid.

Usable by: Druids.

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