[New Spell] Bestow Familiar

Bestow Familiar


Suddenly the air became thick and acrid. Oily smoke rolled across the floor of the wizard’s tower.

Desednol had arrived.

‘Ah, little wizard, I hear that you inhibited my followers, that is not sitting well with me,’ the creature said.

Finbon the mage spun on his heel and pointed at the trio of goblins. The goblin wizard looked scared.

‘Take Xixo and my satchel, find Chalk,’ the wizard said.

‘What are you mumbling?’ asked the Unsummoned creature.

Finbon muttered a quick spell. An imp darted from the shadows carrying a satchel, he nudged the goblin wizard as he scurried by.

‘Let’s go, new master,’ the imp urged.

Finbon turned to face Desednol, the blood drained from the wizard’s face.


Bestow Familiar (Arcane)

Level 3

Range: Line of sight.

Duration: Instantaneous.

Usually cast by a mage on the verge of death, this spell transfers the bond between a wizard and his or her familiar to another. The recipient need not be a spellcaster themselves, yet will receive all benefits that a magic-user is granted by a familiar link, the same penalties reply as well.

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    • bat says:

      I am not sure I fully understand all of my own posts either, some creep up on me and seem brilliant then I write them out and hope I don’t have rotten vegetables thrown at me.

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